About Us. Well, me really.

Welcome! Thanks for coming by. I’m Erik Murrah and I have an array of career and life experience I want to share, but more importantly I wanted to create a space for people who want to level-up their lives! Recently, I took a huge plunge and left a well-paid job in government in order to become part owner of a technology company. That took a lot of courage, let me tell you! When deciding to take that plunge, I wish there had been a comprehensive resource to guide me through a lot of woes. So I decided to make one.

Career Experience

I have a multitude of career experience, but mostly in Information Technology, Public Relations, Training, and Business Analysis. I have done some neat stuff in my career (including firing a sniper rifle from a helicopter, taking a bite from a police dog, and playing a hostage in a crisis scenario), but always felt a bit unfulfilled. And I realized late in life it was because I was always an entrepreneur at heart. So now, I’m exactly where I need to be, owning a business and leading a team of great professionals.

Renaissance Nerd

I wish I had a nickel for every time in my life I have been told, “you need to just pick one thing and stick with it.” I’d have like, 9,472 nickels. No thanks. Don’t get me wrong I admire those who have a passion and pursue it. But my passion is pursuing all the things! So instead of having that be a detriment, I decided to flip the script and make it a strength. I want to use my vast array of hobbies and experience and connect with people from all domains of life! But most importantly, I want to create a community of like-minded people to come together who want to get better.

The world needs better people and so do our friends, families, coworkers, churches, businesses, and communities. And despite the world doing its best to try to keep people down, the essence of our unbroken is like that of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Which is why I chose the name and the theme of this community to be “The Arise Tribe.” I am super glad you are here!

Find Me on the Socials Y’all

Please feel free to connect with me. I would absolutely love to hear from you, after all I want to create a community. And creating a community begins with connecting!